Professional Painting Services in New York

Professional Painting Services in New York
Professional Painting Services in New York

Au Covering Inc. has been offering its professional painting services and installation of wallpaper for different needs for more than 20 years to the inhabitants of New York, with the quality that our clients deserve.

We have an expert team that always strives to give the best of itself so that our customers are satisfied with the project. In the same way, we are updated with regard to the latest trends in painting and interior design in general, constantly maintaining the excellence that identifies us.

Our services of painting and installation of wallpaper covers, interior and exterior of residences, apartments, offices, shops and many more within the city of New York, in short periods of time but with great quality and passion for what we do.

We have a combination of elements that allow us to optimize our work and thus deliver projects in the shortest time possible, among which we can mention innovative work tools, exclusive and easy to install material and our range of paints of the most recognized brands in the market . We can also let you know that we make excellent combinations of the main colors, obtaining impressive results that give a personalized touch to your projects. 

Paintings of different types of materials that go from the simple to the eccentric, trying to cover the most to all kinds of tastes and needs. In the same way we have work schedules adapted to the client so that everything is comfortable for the client. We are open to listen to your ideas, opinions or what you have and mind so that our work matches what you want.

The best of all is our prices, which upon knowing them will want to carry out a project with us and if there is any doubt, we offer total guarantee so that you are totally satisfied.

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